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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  August 8, 2013 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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have a nice season. >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> for all progress we have made, this radical violent extremism is still out there. >> laura: the president admits the threat from al qaeda is alive and well. are his efforts in fighting terrorism working or making americans more vulnerable? we have a debate. >> what i say to president putin is there no reason why we shouldn't be able to cooperate more effectively than we do. >> laura: president obama says nyet to putin canceling next month's big meeting with the russian president. does it matter? we'll have a report. >> you and hillary had lunch. did you notice them measuring the drapes or anything like that. >> laura: is president obama paving the way for another president clinton? would hillary be the
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democrats' best choice for 2016? both sides were weigh in. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi everyone, i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. "the tonight show" starring president obama. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. the same week our government took the unprecedented action of shuttering 19 of our embassies in response to what we have been told was a serious and credible threat of terrorism, the president the sat down with funny man jay leno. bypassing the white house press core, used the popular late night show to make his first public comments on the new global terror threat. >> for all progress we have made, getting bin laden, putting al qaeda between afghanistan and pakistan
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back on its heels, that, you know, this radical, you know, violent extremism is still out there. and we have got -- you know, we have got to stay on top of it. terrorists depend on the idea that we're going to be terrorized. we're going to live our lives. and the odds of people dieing in a terrorist attack, obviously are still a lot lower than in a car accident unfortunately. >> sure. >> laura: that's reassuring. of course, jay leno is an entertainer. and a good one. his job isn't to ask a logical follow up to that wait during the election you said al qaeda was on the run, sir. or are these embassy closings an overreaction, perhaps, spurred by the lingering questions over your handling of benghazi, mr. president? well, the president also spoke about russia's potential mistreatment of gays at the olympics and about edward snowden. and it was leno whose job again is to entertain not
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grill elected officials much the president knew he would not be asked about the failed reset with russia or maybe about why a contractor like snowden ever had access to information like this in the first place. if he they weren't still so enamoured with mr. obama, washington journalists would be kicking up a huge fuss about. this the president has submitted to fewer press conferences than every president since reagan. in his first term, check this out. george w. bush had done 89 press conferences. clinton 133. and obama? only 79. the fact is, president obama never stopped being in campaign mode and that was evident last night. it's the only thing he has really done well. so, shall we look forward to another slow jam with jimmy fallon during the debt ceiling debate? anything he says in this type of forum as entertaining as it might be ends up being trivialized. part of a nonstop celebrity
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tri that dumbs down issues and insulates the president from proper journalistic inquirery. -- inquiry. a brand new fox news poll shows that 52% of registered voters disapprove of the job obama is doing. that matches his previous record of a high disapproval rating in september 2010. his approval rating also takes a hit this week 42% approve, that's down from 46% at the end of last month. now, on to reaction. you add that to president obama's changing tune on the war on terror, and what do you have? joining us now from l.a., christian widen, a former state department senior advisor under president george w. bush and here in the studio with me simon rosenburg the president and founder of indian center left think tank. okay. first of all, your reaction to talking points memo. the president kind of bypassing the white house press corps. no press conference, shuttering awful these
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embassies. never happened. >> you mean the shuttering of the embassy. >> yes. >> he lot of people were watching him. i like jay leno by the way do you think he will get knows rigorous follow-ups. >> i think there will be plenty of room for follow up. the yemenis claim they caught bad guys today. so far positive reaction from both republicans and democrats on the hill about the decision to close the 19 embassies. it was obviously an extreme thing. we have never done anything like this before. >> laura: why not a statement from the president out of the white house. the president threatening to shut down in a week testimony that of our facilities in response to what we say was a treblegd and serious threat. i'm not doubting that. that's a big deal. and you fly across country and afterwards, by the way, you meet with jeffrey cassenberg for a fun dinner. that's always fun. you go on leno with funny guy. it seems to trivialize a really serious and significant issue.
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for the life of me, i don't know why the washington press corps isn't more upset about. this i think there has been, the administration, not necessarily the president, the administration has been talking a great deal with reporters, they have been going on record. there has been briefing after briefing, we know a lot about what's been going on, don't we. we actually know the words, maybe too much. but i think they have been very forthcoming. i think we have still got time on this one. >> laura: christian, let's move on to you. we he can move on from leno to what he seemed to do last night which was to maybe reset, not on russia but reset his language a little bit on al qaeda. you know, we have had, i guess, five drone strikes. we have carried out in the last 11 days in yemen. doesn't sound like al qaeda son the run to me. >> no, and, of course, that was the big theme of his re-election campaign, that al qaeda was on its heels. his vice president summed it up saying bin laden is dead and detroit is alive. but the fact is you have had to walk that back because there is a threat. apparently serious enough to close all of these
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embassies. and more broadly, i think you are seeing the collapse of a lot of the progressive doctrine that has gone into obama's foreign policy this notion that beginning even before obama took office in berlin that you could go and apologize for america. blow kisses at europe, then, you know, outstretch your hand to iran and now you go to cairo, apologize for america. apologize for a cia operation that took place nearly a decade before obama was gone. and end wars. and that that would somehow make these threats go away. it just hadn't happened. obama still can't name the threat we face. saying it's just extremism. i know someone who calls himself extreme yoga instructor. put her in guantanamo and make the enemy safer. the enemy in this regard is islamism. we are doing just about nothing to fight that. >> laura: christian, i will take issue with something you said though because while you are right, i think on the language, president bush didn't use islamic extremism. i think a couple of times, right? he kind of brittled from
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saying that he would say terrorist, he would say war on terror. he was very sensitive about offending moderate muslims who we do want to come along and support freedom agenda. republicans and democrats want that. he didn't want to go there either. it was always the war on terror. not the war on islamism or islamic extremism. i think you can't really fault obama exclusively for that although i don't think bush, simon, talked about countering violent extremism, which was the language radio do on the part of this administration. what does that mean? extremism could be tea party extremism, right, simon? >> i hope it's not. >> laura: janet napolitano that big homeland security alert. >> clearly there has been significant progress made. the threat has not gone away. the i think the threat is also changing in that now what we have to be worried about is not just non-state actors but failed states themselves. we see a the lo of turmoil in syria and tunisia and
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egypt. >> laura: more turmoil than when he came, in right? >> certainly. if things don't work out so well in these actual countries, right? it could feed violent extremism, terrorism or whatever you want to call it the nature of what's happening in the middle east is changing, john mccain. lindsey graham. the president, we need a big debate in congress about a new strategy for a new middle east. i hope that's what's comes in the fall. >> laura: when you think about the world as he came into office, and the great promise. and then the world today, hasn't the facts on the ground overtaken his narrative of hope and an outstret using this few film mystic language and hoping that was maybe going to bring a new era of goodwill towards the united states? hasn't that really been overrun just as an objective manner? >> i don't think so. because i don't think we know where the story ends. i think we have seen democratic elections in the middle east which we had not seen for look time. >> laura: democratic elections amounting to what? >> let's see where we are. the key thing is. >> what you are say
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something that washington is clueless. >> i'm not saying washington is clueless. things are evolving in ways that we didn't anticipate and we need a new strategy. >> but you are wrong. washington is clueless. laura, you are right. this was a problem in the bush administration. this isn't new. the islamist ideology which is the tip of the spear, you know, the entire spear is terrorism is just a vanguard of this broader ideology. it's been around for decades. we saw it in 1979 when it swept iran. it's political correctness and doctrine preventing us. >> laura: what we are seeing is the limits of u.s. power. gentlemen, thanks thech. president obama snubs vladimir putin. smart move or too little too late? later, is the president laying the groundwork for another clinton presidency? wait until you hear what he had so say last night about hillary and the white house coming up.
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>> we don't have a domestic spying program. what we do have are some mechanisms where we can track a phone number or an email address that we know is connected to some sort of terrorist threat. and, you know, this information is useful. >> laura: in a rare diplomatic smackdown, obama says he will not meet with vladimir putin next month at an economic summit in russia. the president is upset that russian officials granted asylum to nsa leaker edward snowden. >> i was disappointed because, you know, even though we don't have an extradition treaty with them, traditionally we have tried to respect if there is a law breaker or an alleged law breaker in
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their country. we evaluate it and we try to work with them. they didn't do that with us. and in some ways it's reflective of some underlying challenges that we have had with russia lately. >> laura: joining us now from grand rapids, michigan is republican congressman justin amash who says snowden should be treated as a whistleblower. and congressman, great to see you. first, before we get into the snowden whistle blower brand, let's talk about what the president said. he said that there is not a domestic spying program in place last night on leno. was he telling the truth in your estimation? >> well, thanks for having me on, laura. i would say that it was highly misleading. there is a program that the director of national intelligence has declassified. they have revealed it that collects the phone records of every single american in the united states, regardless of whether they are connected to any terrorist threat. so, when he says we're
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tracking phone records, and emails of people who are connected to terrorist threats. that's not true. >> laura: he is not the only one saying that. right? your colleagues and leadership in the republican party and prominent democrats are also saying that from john boehner to mike rogers to peter king all saying that someone like a snowden is a trader for revealing what he did and that y'all were briefed on these topics, you all should have known. you got the briefing, maybe you didn't read them carefully or understand them but that you guys were all up to speed how the ns is a operated in collecting this data. >> well, that's total nonsense. the issue of whether snowden is a trader or not or a whistle blower i think that's just debating is a man particulars. is he -- semantics. he slooft things. and one the things that he did was reveal an unconstitutional program that congress did not know about the reason congress did not know about because
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we did not get the briefings. they allege that they put a stack of documents in front of you 200 pages long and they say go ahead and read it if you don't know the terms of art they are using. if you don't know the specific definitions they are using, you don't even know what it means if you are going there. because they have differences between the word, for example, collect and acquire. how would anyone know that there is a term of art difference between collect and acquire unless you are steeped in this stuff? >> laura: right. buff i'm playing devil's advocate here with you. it's always a testy relationship. i remember going back the last couple of years to the reagan administration when i was just a little junior staff. there was always tension between the hill ands executive branch. the executive branch always wants to withhold stuff from the hill. they are not thrilled about the cooperation sometimes. so, isn't it incumbent upon congressman to ask the questions that need to be asked and ensure that the breath of this program isn't beyond what was originally understood and i
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know jim sensenbrenner shares some of your concerns how the patriot act is being applied. >> absolutely. i voted no to the patriot act when it was up for reauthorization because did i not feel comfortable with the answers we were getting the problem is when you go to these briefings, you ask questions. unless you phrase it in exactly the right way. you don't get the answer you need intelligence committee officials if if you don't know what to ask, it's hard to find out the information. if there are other secret programs going on, it's impossible to ask the question that gets the right information because you have to ask it in precisely the right way. >> laura: so, for several years, the nsa has been, in your estimation, pulling the wool over the eyes of members of congress? on purposely misleading you? >> i think there are members of the intelligence committee who -- intelligence committees who are aware of it. but, i think rank and file
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members, yes. there was an effort to keep information from us. in fact, just last week, we had information that a classified document was going to be made available. they told us the day before and they sent it through an unusual channel where nobody would really see it my staff happened to find it everyone who attended the meeting that i talked to attended it because i told them that there was a briefing going on. they didn't actually know there was a briefing. because it was -- it was put out there in such an invisible sort of way. >> laura: congressman, i think the policy debate needs to be had. and it's a really important one much the public is really engaged on this issue on surveillance nation. i think it's a good debate. the question of constitutionality whether this is unconstitutional. that's a lot trickier. i'm not confident that the court would necessarily say this was unconstitutional. given the fact that the duration of calls. that doesn't really meet the fourth amendment scrutiny, i don't think. but we will see how that goes. >> i think the court would
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hold it unconstitutional. >> laura: we'll have to bet dinner on that. congressman, great to see you. >> all right. >> laura: directly ahead, is barack obama paving the way for hillary to become president? and can anyone disrupt her chances in 2016? we will debate it moments away.
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>> laura: in the factor follow up segment tonight, as you may remember last week, president obama invited former secretary of state hillary clinton to break bread at the white house. >> you and hillary had lunch last night. who invited who to lunch? i'm curious. >> i invited her. >> okay. we had a great time. she had that post administration glow. >> did you notice her measuring the grapes -- drapes or anything like that. >> keep in mind she has
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been there before. he she doesn't have to measure. >> she left those old billing records there in the oval office. just kidding. it fomc paving the way for president obama in 2016 with us is kirsten powers and republican strategist kate on or on ben hillary's ret with russia and how that's all worked out and now you know the big news and very warm, very cozy to hillary and biden only got breakfast hillary in 2016. is there anyone. given all the issues we know about. is there anyone else who could seriously mount a challenge? >> i don't think so. mass muffin did a poll he showing that 63% of democratic voters would want hillary to be the nominee and i think biden got something around 14%. next choice. so i think she is the
1:25 am
prohibited favorite if she decides to run. i don't even know why anyone would even bother to challenge her honestly. but, yeah, she is certainly the one that everybody wants. if she wants it. >> laura: do you think people like martin o'malley of maryland. popular guy young and charismatic not my favorite. if you are a democrat, martin o'malley and cuomo. they will hang back and wait. >> cuomo will definitely wait. he won't run unless she doesn't run. other people may run to set themselves up for a future run, perhaps. a lot of donors are probably going to sit it out because why give money to somebody else when hillary is almost definitely going to get the nomination. >> laura: reacting to this putin cancellation, the meeting between obama and putin. obama after leno. at least he didn't break it on leno. i guess the white house press corps. no to the meeting. is that a tacet admission know that the hillary started reset really just fizzled out in our relationship with russia. snowden and everything else that's happened. gone nowhere. sorrowed.
1:26 am
>> i think the snowden thing is probably the biggest problem, right? when you have reset the tone. >> when you have the united states specifically saying don't do this and they choose to do it. they have crossed a line, i think, that there has to be some sort of retribution to show there is a serious problem. >> kate, the russians today and again i tie this back to hillary because she was the one who first made that overture with the wrong translated button, it was overture or oveeard or overcharged that's what the button said not reset. he said got translation wrong. bass thing. now fast forward. they got snowden. hanging out. going to the coffee shop. and no we are all supposed to think other places really worked out that well. into the white house in 2016. >> ten year at sefts has really been from the democrats. when there is objective
1:27 am
analysis, you have the re-set but also you have this little thing called benghazi, of course, what difference does it make now, i know. >> laura: i thought you were going to bring that up. it's a very big deal. i think the republicans have not found their footing on this but should they find their footing? she is in some serious trouble. we are just 2013. i think hillary is actually concerned by that huge lead that she has because all she is the target. everybody is going to come after her. do you have these democrats chomping at the bit. the ones that you listed, kirsten gillibrand, maybe. >> laura: gillibrand? oh my gosh. i will support hillary over that gillibrand? come on. >> a will the of people are talking about her because she won with the biggest margin. anyway, that's probably something like she would beelfe future. obama is the real wild card in this. i don't think he is interested in a hillary presidency and, remember, he controls all that data that he mined that led to
1:28 am
his massive re-election. he controls it. not the democrat national committee not debbie wasser isman schultz not hillary clinton. >> laura: you are leaving someone out of this equation. >> joe biden i'm sorry. >> laura: great job at girl scout pinning ceremonies, bake sales. he did the stimulus monitoring. >> always looking out for joe biden. >> laura: summer of recovery. did he that whole thing with everybody go out and buy a shotgun. he has had such a positive effect on the country, is he a likeable guy. commerce secretary in the clinton administration. >> he has run for president before multiple times, actually. there is not a big joe biden following outside of you. like i said hillary clinton, i would be surprised between the two of them obama didn't back hillary and each of you 10
1:29 am
seconds. best republican as you see it now to run against hillary if hillary is the nominee. >> jeb bush. >> jeb bush, i don't think jeb doesn't run if hillary runs. what do you think, kate? >> i think scott walker or susanna martinez. we need a governor from out there. >> laura: governor would be nice at this point. ladies, great to see you. >> thank you. >> laura: see you again soon. don't forget about the insane bill o' sale which has been a huge success. everything marked down big time. great place to stack up on gifts and save plenty of dough. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along tonight. charges are filed in the benghazi attack. some think the timing is suspicious. we have a report. later, an illinois university stands by a psychology professor after learning he killed his entire family. should he be fired because of his past? we'll have a robust debate. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> laura: in the unresolved problem segment tonight. fox news cob firms that the justice department has filed criminal charges against a number of suspects in the deadly benghazi attack that claimed the lives of four americans. but, listen to what charles krauthammer said last night about the timing of this news. >> i think it's old curious, the timing of this leak about the charges being filed against benghazi suspects. we have known who they're.
1:34 am
obviously journalists have spoken to them. they have been out there in the open for days, for weeks, for months. i would say better late than never. >> laura: joining us now from new york, liberal blogger and democratic strategist steve laser. okay, steve. have at krauthammer. you heard what he said. he floated the possibility that about 10 months after the attack we suddenly file charges, including against the man that we knew back in october was in that compound that night. who we think is a link to that al qaeda affiliate in the area. we knew who he was fox news even interviewed him back in october. sat down with him it is a little interesting. it's right now that we have these charges entire timing question is ridiculous. there is an investigation that has to happen before
1:35 am
we figure out whether or not we are going to charge somebody whether somebody is a suspect. i think, you know, this is a situation that republicans and democrats should be standing together to try to get these people who attacked our country, who killed our ambassador, and, you know, this is just, you know, why would you make these accusations? it we minds me during the clinton administration, every time bill clinton went after al qaeda, had you these accusations of wagging the dog and everything like that. that didn't turn out so well. we should have all supported bill clinton in going after al qaeda. i see something very similar going on here. and this is something that the efforts should be supported to get these guys. to get them off the street so they can't attack us again. >> laura: you mean a clinton going after usama bin laden back in 1996 when we lost track of him? are you talking about later? >> oh, there were tons of attacks during his second term in office. >> laura: certainly was. "u.s.s. cole" was one of them. let's talk about what happened last night. cnn special the foreign correspondents sat down and
1:36 am
interviewed ahmed abu katall amplets who today was charged, last 24 hours was charged by our justice department. let's listen. >> did anyone from the american or the libyan government side try to get in touch with you? >> never. >> never? >> never. >> and if they tried, are you you ready to meet with them? >> yes. no problem. but not as an interrogation like a conversation we are having with you now. >> laura: why do you think we have never apprehended or even interviewed even -- we have an investigation, investigation we know where he is we know where he lives. guy was out in cafe with our correspondent and cnn correspondent for this special. but not one person from the obama justice department or fbi sat down with this guy? what the heck is going on? >> i have to tell you, laura, i don't put too much stock in these statements of people who are accused
1:37 am
of crimes. especially serious capitol crimes put them in jail for the rest of their lives you think he was interviewed? i simply don't believe him. i am sure he would say anything. kinds of things usama bin laden said after 9/11 didn't make any sense either this is an earth to get these guys, everybody should be supporting. charles krauthammer, i think is he a little bit out to lunch on this. you know, and it's fine to criticize the president and say there are things we should have done differently to lead up to benghazi. hampering his efforts saying that he should wait for a politically more hospitable environment to go after criminals who attacked the united states to killed our people? >> laura: steve, unfortunately the facted that the country was mislead sphoor weeks after the terror attack which even our friends over at cnn admitted anywhere special last night mislead,
1:38 am
misstated lied about the cause of the attack. >> the benghazi accountable review board completely dismissed that. >> laura: when they claimed that this was the result likely of a protest because of a video and went on for weeks when there was never a protest. >> protests around four or five other. >> there was no protest that night in benghazi. that has been shown. i will ask you one more question, steve before you go. >> embassies completely understandable with that. >> laura: it was a lie. that's why. [talking at the same time] >> totally disregarded the accountability review board information. >> laura: the accountable review board, steve, why do you think the accountable review board never interviewed and hillary clinton, if there is no story to tell here, it's just all, you know, roses for the administration, why didn't hillary say, look, interview me for the accountable review board. they never interviewed her. >> hillary had testified twice before congress on benghazi.
1:39 am
>> laura: what difference does it make? steve? steve, what difference does it make? >> on 00 interview on the administration went before multiple times before congress. they provided all the information. >> laura: arb. >> all the information that they wanted. >> laura: hillary arb, mia. that's the article i would write. thanks for joining us. >> thanks, laura. >> laura: award winning college professor is outed as a killer who wiped out his entire family 46 years ago. and the college where he works is standing by him. should his past cost him his job? with the spark miles card from capital one,
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now where's the snooze button? >> laura: thanks for staying with us. i'm laura ingram in for bill o'reilly. in the personal story segment tonight, a university, small presbyterian school in illinois, is standing by a long-time psychology professor following revelations he slaughtered his entire family back in 1967 when he was just 15 years old. james saint james was recently outed over the jim wolcott mental institution for shooting and killing his mother, his father, and his sister. he eventually got his ph.d. in psychology and has been teaching at the school for the past 27 years. so should an admitted killer be given a platform at a university? joining us now from l.a., psychologist dr. wendy walsh and from beautiful san diego, dr. bonnie
1:44 am
forest, an attorney and psychologist. dr. forest, let's start with you. this is a disturbing story no doubt. 15 years old. looks like, according to the court records, and testimony, he suffers from some type of schizophrenic attack and ends up shooting up, killing up his whole family. big story in 1967. and since he got out of the mental institution, i guess he hasn't violated the law. has been an upstanding citizen. and should he be allowed to turn his life around and start a new life? >> laura, you hit the nail on the head. that's exactly right. good presbyterian university standing by him and exemplifying redemption and forgiveness. this is the state of texas where it's very hard to overcome a preponderance. you have to overcome by a preponderance of the evidence showing insanity. 12 men found him not guilty by reason of insanity 45
1:45 am
plus years ago. who are we to second-judge a jury of his piers and the law in the state of texas. i don't quite understand all the hysteria over. this all i do i do acknowledge it was a horrific crime. >> dr. walsh, trying to put myself in the position of the parents and university and how they feel. as far as i can tell, he has had exemplary life. medication, turned his life around, became a ph.d. like you two gals. he gets his ph.d. >> exactly. >> laura: this is a wild, wild set of facts. and the fact that it's just coming out now is pretty amazing. >> yeah, i'm a little concerned about who did the outing. and while i have great compassion by this man and i'm proud of what he did to turn his life around. mental health is not a perfect science. you know, we can't suddenly say it will never happen again because is he on the right medicines. our biology is always
1:46 am
changing. if i look through it, from the lenz mother, would i want my kid in that class? and the answer is. no this guy can make a living in all kinds of ways. he can be doing research. he can be writing. does he have to be in charge of a bunch of young people? that's really my question. >> dr. forest back to you. has there been any indication that he is sleeping back -- slipping back to his old lifestyle? we are not privy to all of his medical records. maybe he is in some type of counseling still. i have no idea. the crime was a horrific one. he was so unstable and so missed up, after he shoots everybody in the house that night in 1967, he then went running out of the house to find someone to tell them his parents had been shot. and then realizing he shot his parents and then that's how the testimony went in court. apparently the jury accepted the fact that he was not able to control his
1:47 am
actions. he didn't have the mental acute at this to do that or taylor his actions to the letter of the law. that's what they decided. >> and, laura, in texas, it used to be that you had to actually find they weren't able to understand right from wrong at that level. so, he was pretty overcome by the psychiatric illness. en the issue of parents. parents don't want their kids there, they can pull them out. the university has stood behind him. it's a good presbyterian university from my understanding. and the students have all stood by him. are we now going to start tracking everybody who gets acquitted, too? we can't handle from a resource standpoint all those people that are convicted. you say, wendy, he is going to get a job. very very few people with mental health issues overcome those issues. this is why people don't want to be labeled with a mental illness and why people don't get treatment. this is a case where we should be saying, wow, you
1:48 am
over -- you were able to overcome all these obstacles and prosper and go on and do something really amazing with your life. again, not excusing the heinousness of the crime. i'm very sorry for the victims' families. why are we giving this guy such a hard time when he has turned his life around? >> laura: last word, dr. forester? >> we worry about safety on college campuses and we worry about a rampage from a student. here is somebody who is a proven killer. we are going to have what if he he doesn't take his medication for one week. >> 1997 he won the teaching excellence and leadership award. he won all these academic awards. this is such a bizarre case, i don't even know what to think about it i'm just going to confess i as a parent would probably be worried about this. extremely worried. so i'm just saying that but, doctors thank you very much. great to see you both. >> thank you.
1:49 am
>> laura: up next, new revs in the terrible story of the 100-pound python that ended up killing two young boys in their sleep. we will have the latest. oprah sounds off on president obama, her old pal, and fox news. you don't want to miss this. back in a moment.
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in the back of the book segment tonight, new revelations in that deadly python attack as a vigil aheld tonight for the brothers killed by the snake as they slept. the 100 pound snake didn't escape from an enclosure downstairs, rather it was a
1:53 am
house pet in the apartment whether the brothers were spending the night. they were staying with a friend whose father owned the shop and the snake. their uncle spoke about them yesterday. >> they were two children who enjoyed life. they got home and went for the sleepover and the two familiy i stayed together until midnight. and that is the type of life that they had and that is what we are going to try to remember. >> the exottic pet was killed by an veterinarian shortly after the attack. joining us now is donald schultz. you are also an expert in snakes. you think about these two little boys. and i also have two boys the
1:54 am
same age. the question why these are kept as pets given the danger they pose to human beings are astounding. >> they are predators and under the right circumstances actually do make good cap tors. a number of rules were broken with this. any animals over six feet long we use two human beings to handle. the kids were playing with goats and lamas before they wept to bed. which is a perfect recipe for a tragic situation. >> the snake was strong enough to get out of its poked through a hole and dropped down from an air shaft and that is when it started to strangle the boys. one at a time we don't really
1:55 am
know but they were sleeping at the time. it begs the question again, you have photos of the kids on facebook and they were in the animal's enclosure, donald. that is in sane. >> the easiest way to look at it, kids cleaning a gun the day before they were inured in a firearm question, this is raising questions about the owner. what is happening that these kids are in such close proximity to the snake. this isn't the first time the snake tried to get out of the same enclosure. apparently, the snake tried to get out before and rather than fix it, they put them back in it. the children were sleeping in the same room. the snake is going to go into feeding mode and try and eat.
1:56 am
massive tragedy and totally avo avoidable. >> i think the whole thing has gone too far with some of these exotic animals. >> directly ahead, oprah winfrey praises president obama and before we go tonight.
1:57 am
oprah winfrey is doing her film circuit. the film stars a man who served as the white house butler who served several presidents. already there is talk of her winning an oscar after a 15 year hiatus from acting. she seemed to take a pot shot at fox news. >> the film so big directory lee daniels even courted president obama for a cameo. >> he couldn't get obama and that is why obama is our president because he knows not to go and get himself in a movie and be on fox news every day. very smart. >> was that an insult? we report you decide.
1:58 am
and finally gary sunees would like to tell you he is performing in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. the proceeds are going to help a wounded vet. and a little remind der to tune in tomorrow for my radio show. you can find the listings at that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching us. i'm in for bill oh riley and >> it's august 8th. fox news lart. the massive manhunt for this man intensifies. police fear the worst for this missing teenaged girl and her brother.
1:59 am
the possible motive for the kidnapping. >> barreling through an entire neighborhood and it is not over yet. what mother nature has in store for the entire country today. we will tell you about that. >> a major warning about one of the most popular trucks on the road. what you need to know before you get behind the wheel this morning. fox and friends first starts right now. ♪ >> that's a look outside on the link in new york city on this thursday morning. good morning. you are watching "fox & friends first". i am patti ann browne. >> i am heather nauert. thank you for starting your day with us. >> are you waking up a winner this morning there are three winning tickets after that $448 million power ball drive.
2:00 am
>> two of the winning tickets were sold in new jersey the third in minnesota. >> right now we know this one of the tickets sold at a super stop and shop grocery store in new brunswick, new jersey the second was purchased in the town of little egg harbor. you wi you>> just a few months ago the largest power ball jackpot in history $590 million went to an elderly woman in florida. >> right. i remember that one. fox news alert. an amber alert issued in oregon and washington state for two children after the suspect's car was headed in the direction of the oregon border. anna kooiman has that story for us. >> overnight oregon state police saying there was a possible sighting of james


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